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6 Ways to Save with GPS Tracking

Six Money-Saving Applications for GPS Vehicle Tracking in Business

A GPS tracking solution combines the power of GPS locating technology, wireless networks, and a sophisticated yet simple interface to tell a business everything they need to know about their fleet, whether its 2 vehicles or 200 hundred.  This extensive knowledge gives power to optimize operations and reduce costs for small businesses. Here’s six money-saving GPS tracking applications can help boost […]

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Mountains of Paperwork

What are You Building Today? Mountains of Paperwork or Meaningful Structures?

Why Construction Jobs Can Benefit from GPS Tracking and Fleet Management Software Construction projects and machines go hand-in-hand. Contractors who deploy resources daily across one or many projects navigate a complex network of manpower and machine allocation. Commercial structures, public buildings, infrastructure projects, new housing developments, and even renovations often require multiple workers, and several […]

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Fleet Tracking Systems Construction

Save with Vehicle Tracking and GeoFences on Construction Sites

GPS vehicle tracking can be used for all types of equipment in the construction industry. Company trucks that get supervisors from site to site, light equipment that must be allocated to multiple jobs, and even heavy equipment that stays parked on the site can all benefit from GPS tracking. For any type of construction business, […]

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How GPS Tracking is Saving Pets Across the U.S.

Why Owners Should Consider GPS Tracking for Protecting Their Pets In today’s society, 62% of U.S. households have pets. In most cases, those pets are considered a loved member of the family and often treated like children. It is no wonder that pet owners are doing what they can to take their pets safety more […]

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Asset Monitoring Using Geofencing

Asset monitoring using geofencing is a cost effective way for businesses to track inventory and high valued content. Asset monitoring and protection is an important part of fleet management. An essential part of monitoring and protecting your company’s equipment, fleet, or high valued content is being able to know where they are and what they […]

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